Monday, September 17, 2012

Face Off Max

Face Off Max is software that enables you to create funny photos by transplanting any face to any body and share the fun with your friends.
You can either choose to produce funny photos with fantastic built-in and
weekly updated templates which will be suitable in all occasions or create unique photos with your own photos.
Furthermore,by using Face Off Max, you can easily display your masterpiece in everywhere you want to keep in touch with your friends:
Facebook, Myspace, blog, email and etc. And it works even easier with Facebook. Without logging in via browser,
you can have your photos uploaded directly to Facebook. It would be great to post a photo on your Facebook wall with you dancing with Natalie Portman
or with your friends becoming a zombie.
You can even enlarge the fun by adding some funny words to your photos.
How about having a photo with you dressing like an astronaut, stepping your feet on moon and saying
"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"?
Just need a little creativity, your fun can go boundlessly!
What is more amazing with Face Off Max is that you can achieve all these in a simple and intuitive way.
The intuitive interface will let you know at the first glance how to achieve what you want with Face Off Max
and the simple using instruction will accompany with you during the entire process of your creation.
   In case you want to make fun of somebody and eventually post a picture of you innocent victim on your social network account,
Face Off Max will fake any body picture with someone else's head. With its simple processing steps
and intuitive interface, faking a picture with Face Off Max is extremely simple and veridic.
You just need to choose two base pictures, one with a friend of yours for example and one that should have a body in a hilarious situation.

Cut off and crop your friend's head from the first picture and adjust it to the second one.
You can do this operation even if the head and body do not match that's because Face Off Max offers enough tools to manipulate the picture in order to look real.
Face Off Max not only gives you the ability to modify body pictures but it also offers you the right tools to make the result pictures look real.
After the cropping and trimming step, you can adjust the skin color and shadows based on brightness, contrast, gray channel and color tone.
Each of these graphical properties are manipulated in three steps based on each RGB scale color.
While you attempt to adjust the head on the second picture's body you will see that there are no margins that should separate the head from the rest of the body.
That's because the skin blending feature works. Therefore the results are oustanding.
You don't have to be a pro in using this application because it was designed to guide you step by step in each transformation module telling you what to do next.
All the tools and features are very clear and easy to use and don't require expertise knowledge in this field.
In case you dont have the right background pictures you can use templates from the library which are designed by professional artists.
You can also share any of your modified pictures using e-mail, e-cards or any social network.

              Pluses: step by step guide, skin blending feature, skin matching stage based RGB colors palette, you can share any of your pictures online;

Drawbacks/flaws: some wrong interpretations while displaying shadows.

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